About the Department


(1) The education, youth and Sports Department of the Assembly is responsible for pre-school, special school, basic education, youth and sports, development or organization and library services at the district level.
(2) The department harmonizes the activities and functions of the following agencies operating at the district level,
(a) The Ghana Education Service
(b) The Youth Council;
(c) The Sports Council; and
(d) The Library Board.
(3) The functions of the Department are to:
-assist to liaise with public and private sector agencies to promote youth work and seek resources for youth development;
-submit reports on matters relating to youth development to the District Assembly;
-co-ordinate the organization and supervision of training programmes for youth in the district to develop leadership qualities, personal initiatives, patriotism and community spirit; encourage investments in youth programmes and projects;
-assist in organizing voluntary school work camps for school and out of school to enable the youth interact and take part in Community Development;
-facilitate the organization of District Youth Festivals annually; organize District Youth Environmental awareness week yearly for the Youth to focus and address problems pertaining to the environment;
-encourage the provision of youth counseling services on career
counseling paths, drugs and employment;
-assist the youth to engage themselves profitably in small scale
-assist in formulation and implementation of sports policies,
programmes and activities of the District Assembly;
-coordinate the preparation of annual youth budget of the District Assembly;
advise on the
(i) appointment of a District sports organizer;
(ii) appointment, discipline, posting and transfer of personnel for public, sports organizations and institution in the district;
(iii) promotion of efficient management and administration of private sector sports clubs and associations in the district, and
(iv) collection and dissemination of sports statistical data and
other information in the districts;
-advise the Assembly on all matters relating to sports development in the District;
-facilitate construction, equipping, operating and maintenance of sports stadia and other sporting facilities in the districts;
-assist in organizing sports activities in the district to participate in mass sports, sports for excellence and sports for the disabled in the district;
-assist to organize a District Sports festival at least once a year;
-coordinate the selection and preparation of district sportsmen and women for inter district sports festival and tournaments;
-assist to establish amateur and professional sports associations in the district;
-encourage the establishment of Keep-Fit Clubs in the district;
-facilitate training of community sports leaders and coaches for the Keep-Fit Clubs and sports teams in the district;
-participate in research into matters relating to sports in the District;
-facilitate private sector participation in the provision and management of sports infrastructure in the district;
-assist in the provision of sports equipments to public sports organizations and activities in the districts; and
– facilitate preparation of reports on the implementation of sports policies and matters relating to sports to the District Chief Executive in accordance with a reporting format provided by the Assembly.

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